More about PLUR

When most people hear the acronym ‘PLUR’, they automatically think of Rave culture. I don’t blame them, as that’s where it’s most often recognized, and most widely used. You heard me speak about PLUR on my About page Here.

You can read more about PLUR in this Wikipedia entry.

The video below also will explain PLUR in greater detail.

When most people think about the rave culture, they think about bass thumping music, drugs, and people who are not responsible or contributing members of society. This misconception couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m not saying that drugs aren’t a part of the rave culture, or that people don’t mis-use PLUR and think that it has to involve drugs, but most people who commonly practice showing Peace, Love, Unity and Respect don’t use drugs, and it has never been an issue for them.

To fully understand PLUR, you really need to speak to someone about what it truly means. The wikipedia post defines each word in it’s own way, so that would be a start to understanding it a bit further.

Until next time, take care and show a lot of love to everyone surrounding you!