Trippin to Sunnyvale

Hello lovely people. I hope everyone has had an incredible day and is on the way to a fabulous week. I’m feeling so grateful for the day that I just had and an amazing weekend spend in California.

I have a friend who works for Google. Who doesn’t these days. It’s one of the biggest companies in the world (I think), and I’ve met quite a few people over the past five years who work or have worked there.

My particular friend, named Amy works and lives in Sunnyvale, CA, which is where the company is headquartered. She threw out an invite to me about 4 months ago to visit, and see what Sunnyvale and her world is all about. Naturally, I decided to visit her because she’s such a beautiful person and such a good friend!

Amy had a great plan for me to fly in on a Thursday night, and she would take Friday off so we could go touring Napa Valley to drink some wine! Amy is all about PLUR, and having half drunk conversations with her brings both of us so much love.

Little did I know, she had booked a limo to take us to Napa for the full day of wine tasting. The company’s service was phenomenal, and I can’t recommend it enough. Check them out here:

I’ve never been to Napa Valley in the past, so I jumped full speed at this opportunity. And I can’t tell you how happy I am that Amy and I were able to see some stunning views, have some amazing wine, and catch up on some long awaited conversation.

Here’s a picture of a chapel that we found on one of our tours. IF I ever get married, I want it to be here!

This view was more than amazing!

A-Mazing! I’ve never seen anything like the vineyards that we saw over the course of one day. And I also don’t think that I’ve ever drank wine that has been that good. I was talking to the owner at Givich Vineyards, and asked if I could order a case of his wine since the wine that we had at his vineyard was so good. He told me that he would be happy to sell me as much wine as I wanted to buy (naturally!), but it would not taste as good as what we were served at the vineyard. He said the number one reason for that was ‘Because there’s so much love at this vineyard that you won’t get in the bottle’. He said this with a wry smile, followed by a laugh, which was warmly welcomed by Amy and I. We spent about 3 total hours at his vineyard, and had the best time out of any winery we visited.

The weekend wasn’t barely started, and already we had a fabulous limo tour to I think 6 different vineyards, followed by an amazing dinner in Sunnyvale at a restaurant called Faz Sunnyvale (all the wine got us in the mood for some Mediterranean food!).

I’ll be back soon to talk more about this fabulous weekend with one of my bestest friends in the world.

Until then, remember Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect!

My Daily Meditation

I hope that everyone is having an incredible day, and is sharing love and light with everyone around them.

Today, I’m focusing on my meditation practices, which is an area that is very difficult for me to grasp, but I have made the commitment to work on it every day until I can meditate for a certain amount of time, and just focus on my breath, while pushing everything else out of my head.

When I meditate, there’s a few things that I try to focus on. One thing that has helped me focus on this is building a list, which will prioritize my focus. See my list below for what has helped guide me through my meditations.

1. Focus on my breath, and only my breath. Listen to the sound of my breath as I breathe in and out. What does it sound like when I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. Concentrating on the rhythm of my breath is very big for me.

2. Finding a happy place. Every person’s happy place is going to be different. I once had a meditation guru tell me that a happy place is like a ‘workshop.’ He said that you have to find your workshop by figuring out where you are going to be very happy. For example, if you love being at the beach, or in the ocean, that can be the start of finding your happy place. If you are happiest sitting on a porch-swing on your front porch, then that’s the start of finding your happy place. My advice is to keep your workshop of happy place a secret for only yourself to know of.

3. If I am having trouble meditating, then I need to make sure that I give my best effort to try to get back to a good meditation before I give up for the day. Meditation is so difficult that I often times get out of it very quickly because something pops up in my brain that I start thinking about. Getting back to clearing your head before you end your daily meditation work is critical to furthering your ability to meditate.

4. Journal about my meditation. I have started to do this in the past two weeks, and it has incredibly helped my practice. When I write about my experiences, I can look at what I went through in the short or long time that I was attempting to meditate, and make adjustments or think about alternatives to help me get better.

5. Realize that I’m never going to be perfect. Meditation, just like anything else in life, will teach you to fail and learn from your failures more than a lot of things that you will experience. Making sure that you understand that any meditation is not perfect, but is simply a mind-clearing practice is essential to getting better at this.

Those are the five things that I like to focus on daily, and it makes me concentrate where I normally wouldn’t without writing down a list, or thinking about it before I begin my practice.

I hope this has helped you either create or maintain a meditation practice, and that you show yourself some love today.